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    Five part Juliantina AU

    Part 1: The Time We Have - Juliana and Valentina meet by chance and embark an a beautiful journey together. Their days are filled with love, laughter and the bliss of being young and together. Until it's not

    Part 2: The Time We Lost - Valentina is missing, presumed dead. Juliana searches desperately to find her, not caring of the danger to her own life.

    Part 3: The War We Fought - Valentina is back in Mexico City after three years of being missing, presumed dead. The woman who returned is not the same as the woman who left, Juliana is determined to love her anyway.

    Part 4: The Scars We Carry - They're both home, safe and sound. They won the war, the physical one at least. Now Valentina has to learn how to accept her scars while Juliana and her family discover the woman Valentina is now.

    Part 5 - The Life We Earned - The happy ending Juliana and Valentina fought so hard for, the joyful life they deserve.


    14 Jul 2019