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Elf, Elfwreck
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Elfwreck From DW, LJ, IJ, and various other websites.
Polyfannish. More traditional sci-fi than media fan. Filker more than fic writer. Crossover enthusiast.

PERMISSIONS: My works are copyrighted & not Creative Commons'd, because I don't want them archived elsewhere without my consent. There is no "Derivs okay; don't take my originals" CC license. That said, I grant blanket permission for the works here to be used transformatively, interpreted broadly: remixed, sequeled, translated (although I'd really like to be notified about this), podficced, fic'd, filked, artified, vidded (is that even possible?) or otherwise used as a base for other fannish works, as long as no money is involved. If there's money involved, contact me. I'm not going to fret over podfic-for-charity or fanart being sold, if any of my works managed to inspire that; I'd mostly just like to know.