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United Kingdom


I wander between fandoms. Not limited to, but mostly including: Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Final Fantasy VII, Marvel, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Psych, The Originals, Star Wars, The 100, Dark Angel, Westworld, Legion

Current projects: HP things atm, mutant!AU tomarry, way more healthy than anything that came before it, Updates on pause while I finish my job application, will resume one Saturday PM, GMT, hopefully soon.

FFNet: EclipseWing

I love to chat about my stories and the fandoms; either write a long enough comment or ask a question and I usually reply pretty quickly.

Happy for translations and stories based off my works to occur; please link back to mine and either connect it via AO3 or leave a link in the comments. Please do not copy my works to a different site.