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    After his dreams are shattered, Guy makes a desperate bid to become the better man Marian would have loved. When he is given a second chance to win her heart, the secrets of his past may prove to be the undoing of his future.

    Robin Hood- Guy/Marian- post season 2. Spoilers through 2x13.

    This story is twenty-one chapters long and complete.


    14 Jan 2018

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    Great story, Guy has killed marion and Vaisy leads him to kill the king again. other assasins are seen. Guy refuses kills Vaisy and leads the men to defend the king and kill the other assasins in Marion's name, Guy is wounded and his men are killed, he pases out as a man bend's over him, telling him all are dead. the king talk's to Guy. on a ship Marion is waking up still between life and death. Guy is on board protecting her now sherriff and taking her to robin. things happen and Marion falls in love with Guy. when they get to Marseille they stay at the Abby. Marion tells Robin it is over and she is going to marry Guy, he doesn't take it well. He and Guy stand off and Robin shoot's an arrow into Guys arm then he fire's again hitting Guy in the shoulder and at the same time Marion throw's a dagger at Robin hitting his hand. there are sub plot's with a nun, Agnes and the abess who it turn's out is Guy's mother. Robin will not take Marion's word and still tries to take her and undermine Guy, Marion see's through him though. They remarry after they uncover death and horror at the Abby. Marion learns the truth about Guy's childhood, and love's him more than ever. The wedding feast is held at a manor outside the city, Agnes's sister and another sister are there one to help the other with the birth of her twins. the sister who has come to help is a countess in her own right and had a fling with Guy in the past. her daughter is the spitting image of Guy although nothing is said. Guy faces his mother who is mad, Alan help's him and she is executed. Meanwhile the pregnant sister dies and her husband kill;shimself thinking the babes are dead as well. they live in her and they cut them from her body. Robin set Guy up and still wont leave Marion alone, she get's her own back though on him. End's with Marion pregnant and all happy back in Nottingham.