My muse sings show tunes

My pseuds:
Draycefiction, Draycene, Draycevixen, Salacious Victorian, Salaciously Prim
I joined on:
I live in:
Possibility, and at one point, Clapham.


I am larger than a breadbox. I am faster than a speeding abacus. I am not made of Winceyette.

I'm also draycevixen on livejournal

BLANKET PERMISSION (under certain conditions): I am happy to give permission for any of my stories to be translated or podficced as long as you link back to my original story and credit me. It would be particularly lovely if you wanted to post it to AO3.

I do NOT grant blanket permission to remix any of my stories or to write a prequel or sequel for any of them. I have an unfortunate habit of writing a sequel or prequel of a story months after I've written it, when the mood strikes, and I'd prefer that to still be a viable option.