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    A series of one-shots and drabbles posted that takes place in my Playing with Dragons Virtual Reality universe. They have a variety of character focuses that explore some of the universe outside of Sabo (save for the one about Sabo) that I'd developed while coming up with the story for Playing with Dragons. And I'll tell ya. I got a lot of these backed up xD Not in any particular order.

    A majority of these don't actually take place in or have to do with the Virtual World because most of these take place pre-Playing with Dragons and some during but most all of it is just character background information. Much of the stuff that I'd like to put out there thats in the VR world will be a part of a separate series once Playing with Dragons is done so that doesn't leave much room for drabbles/one-shots that take place in the Virtual World.

    Some of them are directly linked to the events of Chapter 15 of Playing With Dragons and are, therefore, marked for spoilers to the main story.