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    When Sirius’ uncle Alphard died and left him a respectable inheritance in his will (Sirius always knew his uncle was a rebel, ha, even in death), he immediately quit his job at the motorcycle shop. Although he loved his bikes, he did not like his boss, and has always dreamed of doing something more important, something which would help society. And thus, The Sanctuary was born; selling books and CDs, offering space for school work, tutoring and business meetings, baking fresh pastries and brewing tea and coffee daily. His way of keeping teenagers off the streets, from preventing deaths like his younger brother’s. The Sanctuary is also how he meets Lizzie Platt, a young woman with a sordid history of her own. She is wary and cautious and caustic… but Remus has always had a knack for adopting strays.

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    Eight years since the Dark Lord had fallen (but the dark mark was still active. Why was the dark mark still fucking active?), the Wizarding world had rejoiced and Severus’ life, his everything, his Lily was gone. Dumbledore was a far better master than the Dark Lord by far, but a master nonetheless. The threat of Azkaban looming like a hungry werewolf at his back kept Severus well aware of his place in this new world. And so, he continued to succumb, like a good little puppet, wasting his brains teaching useless idiots who couldn’t be bothered to read or study and had the audacity to seem surprised when their potions were anything but perfect. Eight years he had lived like this. He had been teaching for five, and, impossible as it seemed, it appeared the Wizarding world had already forgotten those dark ages. The children were bright-eyed, and joyful and painfully stupid, and Severus found entertainment in watching them scurry and fluster and panic. And cry. Although it was usually only the NEWTS students who cried.

    Eight years Severus had existed perfectly content in a happy little bubble of depression and rage and self-hatred.

    Until an unwelcome visitor came knocking on his door…

    “Fuck off, Potter!”