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I came for the Sterek and stayed for the fun.

I don't mind where you link to and/or discuss my fan fics.
Once my stories are out there, they're out there.
I believe that fan spaces are anywhere that fans gather.

I wrote these stories, but I don't own these characters, or their universes, or anything belonging to any network, studio or copyright holder.
I will never pull to publish.

If you want to translate my fanfics into other languages, please feel free to do so. Just link back to me here, and send me a message so I can thank you!
The same goes for podfics or other non-commercial fanworks.
If you wish to fanbind my works for non-commercial use, you also have my permission to do so. But let me know, and send me pics, so I can be amazed at your talent!

And if you're interested in reading some of my original stories, they can be found here: Lisa Henry

You can find me as Discontented Winter on tumblr here: thisdiscontentedwinter