Desiree Armfeldt


Warning: My fics may violate your personal head-canon; some of them violate mine. :) I believe that one of the beauties of fanfic is that it allows for experimentation and self-inconsistency. I have my tastes, preferences and opinions, but please do not assume that if I said it in one story, it is my last word on the topic.

Comments always welcome; nerdy discussion encouraged! I only ask that you keep your commentary courteous and your criticism constructive.

Feel free to further transform my transformative works (remix, podfic, etc.). If you do, please link to the original & let me know so I can enjoy your stuff! No need to ask my permission beforehand. ETA: there are a couple of special cases, noted as such on those pieces.

I am always on the lookout for beta-reading partners; if you are interested in trying out a swap, let me know.

P.S.: I do not currently have a fannish next-of-kin, but I believe in the "A" of AO3; if I disappear from fandom without deleting this account, I would like my works to remain in the archive for as long as AO3 is willing to hang onto 'em.

Are you new to due South/Canadian-6-Degrees online fandom? Came here from Tumblr and wondering where the other half of the fic-writing community hangs out? Check out these comms on LiveJournal/Dreamwidth:

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And a new dS/C6D website/forum: Both Sides of the Border!