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  1. Summary

    After quite a few years away, Denina and I are writing again, as well as playing Morrowind after many years. We are still using our old characters: my Basil and Denina's Leah, and having a lot of fun with them, so we decided to write a whole new series. They are still Telvanni and Redoran, though this is not a continuation of the old stuff, it's a new tale with different goals and plotlines. Our writing styles have changed a lot since we wrote those, and we wanted to see what we could do with these two, but hopefully better and a bit less god-like, even though in the game, they end up that way.

    This time around, we wanted to make them more vulnerable, with some new abilities and desires, still powerful, but knowing just when and where to use it. Players of the game will recognize some of the plotlines, though we have embellished them somewhat to flesh out the story. Denina and I are thrilled to be writing again, along with endless wonderful discussions where we kick ideas around!

    Atrios and Daeinde, along with some of the ideas of the Firestorm belong to Kikaimegami and I hope she won't mind me borrowing them.
    Many thanks to my friend, Arthur, for proofing these for us.

  2. Summary

    Morrowind fan fiction based on AlienSlof's character, Basil 'The Bastard' Ieya-Sil, an ancient Altmer vampire, and Denina's character, Lady Leah, an Imperial Knight. This was our second series, written after we had both remade our characters in the game, after a discussion about how they were better suited to Telvanni and Redoran, rather than both being in Hlaalu. Things played out very differently for them this time around.

    This series contains explicit content including F/F, M/M in addition to M/F. If such content does not interest you, you may not want to start reading as the explicit content is important to the plot.

  3. Summary

    This is the original first series of stories written by Denina and myself featuring my character, Basil the Bastard, with her Imperial character, Leah, and is just the beginning of their relationship and adventures. This was our first time writing together, and we enjoyed it immensely.

    In this alternative reality, both Leah and Basil are Hlaalu and they share a closer and more sexual relationship. We were playing these characters as Hlaalu at the time, so our writing started there, and it was only much later that we decided that Telvanni and Redoran suited them better. Some things remain a constant, in line with the other stories, such as Ra the Dremora, and Basil having a brother, but in this series, the brothers make peace with each other. I enjoyed writing the banter between Basil and his brother, something I never did in the later series.

    Contains explicit M/F sex which is part of the whole series plotline.