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Dena Celeste

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My name is Dena, and I write kinky, smutty romances. My start in fanfic was way back in 1998, and I haven't looked back. No matter what else I read, fanfic was always a part of it. Of course, back in the day, I could either read it on the family computer (furtively, of course), or to print them out (using up all the printer ink and the majority of a box of printer paper) and read later (also furtively).

I've written several fanfics, but I mostly read it by the truckload. My fandoms of choice are Teen Wolf, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, Hannibal, and more, depending on the author.

I am a fan, and I fan out hard. I leave kudos and comments and gush about my favorites. I'm still figuring my way around AO3, but I adore the site, the fandoms, and the folks on here!

I give blanket permission for remix, podfic, fanart, and fic based on my works. I'd really love to see what you do, if you feel like linking me somehow. Though if you send me a link I'm likely to flail out of my chair with excitement, perhaps scream, and let the wide interwebz know of your work. There may be tackle glomps involved. Keep that in mind.

Unless otherwise stated, all works are unbetaed. Please no public concrit. Please keep comments positive. Any private concrit can be directed to my Tumblr ask box.

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Hannigram - Spacedogs | McDanno | Tibbs (aka Gibbs/DiNozzo) | Sterek - Scissallison (OT3) - Steter - Stetopher (OT3) - Allydia - Malira - Corydia - Malydia - Stetereck - Stetydia | Rinn - Chizzy | 1x2/2x1 - 3x4 | Snarry - Drarry - Grape - Gred/Forge/whoever - Draville - Charco | Tommy/Kim - Jason/Kat - Tommy/Jason - Hunter/Cam - Tori/Blake - Ashley/Andros(/Zhane) - Cassie/Phantom