DeathByMidnightCinderella (DeathByOtome)

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  1. Summary

    It started as a friendship. It was a choice, to bring together ten people, all of whom were the same. Lonely. Hurting. Suffering, in some way. It was a decision to stop the pain felt by every single one of those people. You made that decision. This is the story of how that choice changed everything.

    Everything used to be innocent. Friendly, platonic, simple. You set out the oath to them all, your boys, and made them swear to it. You would remain friends, show the world that a group of one girl and nine boys is possible without complexity. For a long time, you proved yourself right again and again.

    But then, things changed.

    Over the years, they've fallen for you, one by one, each heart realising that it belongs to you. For a long time, they remained silent, hiding their emotions for the sake of yours, but they cannot suppress their true feelings anymore. It's time for them to tell you that they've broken the single most important promise they ever made.

    The question is, can you stay with them? Can you remain with them, knowing that they love you? Will you have to leave them?

    Or, perhaps, will you love them too?

    This is your story, and theirs, of the battle within your hearts.