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DawnieWrites here! Fan-girl. Avid reader. Aspiring writer.

I write fiction, mostly fan-fiction right now, but I have some original projects floating around my computer and notebooks, too.

Some of you may have found me via my Avengers/Marvel fics, some through my Miraculous Ladybug work/series What Doesn't Kill You (Might Change Your Life). Others through works written for various other fandoms over the years - maybe you even followed me here from, in which case: WOW.

I have adult responsibilities that take up the majority of my time so, fair warning: I don't update regularly or near as often as I try and promise to. My life gets super hectic, and I'm sure some of you guys live just as crazily.

I have a goal for 2019 to choose at least three unfinished projects to work on finishing throughout this year. As I said, my life and work schedule can get pretty crazed and hectic, so I'm not going to try and promise to keep a super regular schedule. But I'll do my best to upload what I can.

Find me on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram also as DawnieWrites, where I scream about my process.