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    «Are you telling me» Hux had to sit down again «That my body is in love with Kylo Ren?»
    «Oh dear, it’s not like the human body gets infatuated without the mind, sir» DW-10 explained «It would be more correct to say that “you” are in love with master Kylo».
    The General bursted into an hysterical laugh: «This is impossible»
    «I’m afraid the readings are quite correct, sir. Would you like to talk about your feelings? I could switch into psychology mode, if you wish»
    «You what?!»
    «It’s alright to be edgy: you are experiencing a very powerful sensation, maybe for the first time, but you shouldn’t be afraid of letting yourself go! My databanks tell me that love is the most beautiful sentiment of all for your species»
    «I am not-»
    «Of course there is a phase of denial, but remember: acceptance is the first step on the road to happiness»
    «Fuck you!» Hux exploded «I’m not in love with that jerk, I just can’t be!»