My pseuds:
Dahlia_Moon, Moon_Destiny
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I primarily wrote Stargate Atlantis and Sailor Moon fic under the pen name 'Moon Destiny' and Psych, Shelter ('07 movie) and other fandom fics under 'Dahlia_Moon.' This is me trying to integrate both pen names.

I'm also on LiveJournal, DreamWidth and Tumblr.

Policy on Transformative Works:
If anyone would like to remix, translate, make podfic or art, or anything else concerning my works, they have my blanket permission to do so. I would love to be sent a link back so I can gush over it, but it's not required.

On commenting:
I do treasure all and any comments on any of the pieces posted here, but I am so awkward about replying back in a timely matter that once a week goes by, I feel silly replying back to old comments. Just know any and all comments are appreciated, even if I do not reply back with a simple thank you.