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    Every year Angels descend from Heaven to clear out as much of Hell as possible, leading to the death of millions of demons never to be reborn again. Charlie Magne, the Princess of Hell, hopes to change this as she attempts to run a hotel re-purposed for redeeming demons. However, she faces insurmountable odds and out of the blue a demon by the name of Alastor offers his help for his own entertainment, but as he pulls strings behind the scenes the staff are dragged further and further into conflicts they wouldn't have dared imagine.

    This is a collection of episodic stories with a planned 10 parts for a first season. This is me trying to follow the canon information as closely as possible to make what I feel would be actual episodes of the show (although I can't help but fanfic a bit). Either way, so long as there's not more episodes available I'm going to keep writing.