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    The Voyager Virtual Season 7.5 group formed in response to the way the series' season 7 played out. Our goal was to redo Voyager's seventh and final season to fit our vision of what could have been. The first four episodes are set before "Shattered," then we split completely from official canon. Beginning in 2001, episodes appeared on ASC and were then archived on Trekiverse (AO3 didn't exist then). We're posting the series here to reach old and new readers who, hopefully, will enjoy them as much as we did writing them.

    “Season 1” of our "Director's Cut" comprises episodes 1-15; “Season 2,” episodes 16-32; and “Season 3," episodes 33-47. Please note that some of the material posted (especially in Season 3) is new, never before posted anywhere, and includes (at last!) a series finale.

    The writers and contributors of the Voyager Virtual Season 7.5 Writer's Group are: fmlyhntr (Christina), Penny_P (Penny), Rocky_T (Rocky), Cybermum, jamelia116 (Janet), juli17ptf (Julie), monkee, SeemaG, Suz, WriterJC (Jackee), Delta Story, Soquilii9 (Diane), Rick, Andra Marie, Sara, and DianeB.