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Hi everyone,

My name is Courtney and I love writing and I'm currently a student Full Sail University for Creative writing Bachelors program. I'm a big fan fan girl because I have a lot shows and movies that I love. I'm i the planning phase for a lot phase these series. I have a lot more fandoms than what is posted.

My current TV show Fandoms

General Hospital
Jason and Sam
Sonny and Carly
Maxie Spin
Patrick and Robin

Max and Liz
Michael and Maria
Alex and Isabel

Oliver and Dig
Oliver and Felicity

Abby and Carter
Doug and Carol


Olivia and Fitz

Law and Order SVU
Elliot and Olivia

NCIS Los Angeles
Sam and Callon
Movie Fandoms

Fast and Furious Series
Brian and Dom
Riddick and Brian
Dom and Letty
Mia and Brian

Riddick Series