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Home!!! :D


I'm in the process of transferring my fics from various places to here. I've got about another 150 100 50 HP fics, 150 Fruits Basket fics, and about 300 200 Buffy fics to upload, as well as about 100 80 random ones.

So keep checking back, because I should have over 1500 fics here when I'm done! ;)

... Of course, that's not counting all the new stuff I keep adding instead. :P



I hereby give blanket permission to create transformative works (podfic, art, fanmixes, in-universe fic, etc) of any of my fanworks (But please be aware that art I might have embedded within a collaborative work is not mine to give permission for). I ask that you credit me by name, link back to my work, and let me know so that I can squee about it. Also, Podficcers have blanket permission to make edits as needed for speakability.