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Fandom spinster aunt. Recalcitrant podfic beast with occasional pretensions of writing. Genderqueer as in fuck you in particular, good sir.* Probable cryptid. Spelunker of the depths of the id. Almost certainly up to shenanigans. Come bother me on Dreamwidth! Also marginally on Twitter, but only for ITPE. Not currently on Tumblr; anyone using a similar name there isn't me.

*Pronouns are messy and I am Le Tired; refer to me however you want, just don't be a dick. :P

Transformative works policy: Feel free to use my fanworks as inspiration for any noncommercial creative fannish endeavor you so desire! All I ask is that you credit me and link back to the original work--and I'd really really love if you let me know about it when you post, so I can properly squee all over the place. :D

Also, just to be perfectly explicit about it, I'm fine with people doing repods of stories I've recorded, as well as repods of stories I've written that another podficcer has recorded. Podfic is not Highlander; there can be more than one! ;)

(Exceptions: If a work is archive-locked, please contact me privately before transforming it, as I may have additional stipulations about what I'd prefer others do with it. If you'd like to host my podfic elsewhere for archival purposes, I'm open to discussion; otherwise, don't copy my works to other sites. :P)

If you're okay with people making podfic, fanart, playlists, remixes, moodboards, or other fun stuff based on your fanworks, have you considered putting a transformative works statement on your AO3 profile? It's quick and easy, and even if you're not sure if anyone would be interested in transforming your works, I can guarantee that having a posted statement available would make your fellow fans very happy indeed! :D