Now Dear Children, Pay Finely Eight...

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Celyn_Brum, celynBrum
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Great Britain


I have a Tumblr if you want to see me ramble or keep up with my writing progress!

Hello and welcome! I am usually friendly, sometimes an asshole, but I always try and do better next time.

I have an apology to make to my readers, and I'll stick it here in part to remind myself for later. I am sorry for the times that I have become angry with you. I've had a wake-up call that has demonstrated to me that I am far from in control of my temper, and that is most assuredly my problem, not yours.

In future, I will be doing my utmost to remain calm and not flip out at people; I cannot promise that I will always be successful, but I will aim to be.

The following two links lead to things I wrote while grouchy, so they're kinda irritable in tone, but the basic points in them are still okay.
Celyn's Guide To Polite Feedback
What Constitutes Bad Form In A LODAD Suggestion