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    Who can we call upon in our darkest hour, when those who we called family are gone?

    An AU series mashup of DA:O and DA2 that chronicles the lives of the Vael family of Starkhaven, as well as selected companions.

    Sebastian Vael's story is one of love and loss, friendship and family. Banished to the Chantry at just 17, the events leading to his investiture are far more sinister than he's been told. After he's sent to serve in the Denerim Chantry, Sebastian meets templar recruit Alistair Theirin, and together they begin to unravel the mystery. As the situation in Starkhaven escalates, Sebastian encounters danger at every turn. As his world crashes all around him, Sebastian has to learn to trust in his friends and his faith, if he's to have any chance of casting off his rightly-earned label of "black sheep" and retake his rightful place on the Starkhaven throne.