My pseuds:
Carmarthen, Carmarthen Juvenilia, La Corneille
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Please note: M and E rated stories are archive-locked.

Basic Info

Dreamwidth | Livejournal | Tumblr

The best way to contact me privately is by private message on DW/LJ or by email at caerfyrddinATgmailDOTcom, although I only check that email occasionally. Tumblr is okay, but known to eat messages.

Policy on Transformative Works

I am totally okay with the following things inspired by my stories:

  • Podfic
  • Translations
  • Fanart
  • Vids
  • Stories

Please link back to my story (and credit me as author for translations and podfics). I would also love a link to see what you've made (please please please). In the unlikely event that I decide to post a WIP, I'd appreciate not remixing or otherwise writing fic inspired by it until it's completed, however.

I am NOT okay with archiving or reposting of my work without permission, even with credit.

You can send me a PM or email me if you have any questions.

Other Stuff

Older and/or less successful (in my opinion, not in terms of fandom popularity) stories are under the pseud Carmarthen Juvenilia; stuff I'm happy with under Carmarthen.

My primary fandoms are European musicals and Shakespeare. Other major fandoms: Tortall, Star Wars, Rosemary Sutcliff novels, and Les Misérables. I prefer historical and SFF settings.

I am very multifannish and like all kinds of stories--slash (m/m and f/f), het, polyfic, gen, drama, humor, action/adventure, angst, and dinosaurs. I am generally pro-kink, if I feel it seems organic and plausible to the characters. I like historical accuracy and porn, often at the same time (within reason).

Also dinosaurs (please add to the collection)!