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    08 May 2022


    At the height of the Cold War, when tensions between East and West reached their zenith, a secret branch of the military made a fateful decision. They developed a new project, a project named after the lead geneticist Dr. Frank Cahill. ‘Project Cahill’ would attempt to duplicate the Army’s original ‘Captain America’ program by designing an Alpha Team of enhanced soldiers.

    From this program came five special brothers – destined to have a greater impact on the world than their creators could have ever expected.

    Join us for the story of their lives and loves – how they overcome their beginnings to forge their own futures in an ever-changing world.

  2. Summary

    A collection of Bingo fics or mood boards - most of which will have nothing to do with the other. The only thing guaranteed to tie them together is that they will all belong to the Marvel fandom.