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    Universe: Law of Fire - the stories here are the background for the Comic, answering all the fun Universe questions like: Why is Angus even still alive? What is Ralathor doing in the Terroruniverse? How do Zargothrax and Ralathor know each other? Why in Hoots name is there a Hell Portal below Dundee? What even are Wizards? Where did Zargothrax get the Knife of Evil from? What's been going on beyond the Terrorvortex anyways? What’s up with the Knife of Evil? What is Zargothrax' plan? How does one even Hoot? And many more fun things.

    All stories within this series will be written in the context of the Comic (Leading up/Following Heart of Fire) and includes the Gloryhammer canon up to and including the end of the Terrorvortex conclusion. (Focus on the songs themselves, not surrounding media or word of god)

    I highly recommend reading them in the order they’re on this list, Starting with Part 1. Most can be read stand-alone to a degree, but they will build on top of another more and more.