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BlackEyedGirl has been my main fannish pseud since I started writing, though it was black_eyedgirl on LJ and was briefly callygal on Some of my older fic is on Dreamwidth, or some very short pieces on tumblr at blackeyedgirl-writes.

Policy on transformative works:
If you would like to remix, translate, make podfic or art, or otherwise produce a transformative work of anything here, please do so! I would very much appreciate being sent a link to your work when you're done. Please credit me as author of the work being transformed and include a link back.

A Note on Comments: For various reasons, I may not respond to comments. I love and treasure every piece of feedback I get and they are a lot of my motivation to keep posting. But I have a limited amount of energy for social interaction and often I'll choose to write 1000 words of fic instead of struggling to pull together one 'thank you' comment-reply. I hope this doesn't dissuade anyone from commenting - please be assured that the 'thank you' I didn't write was sincere, heart-felt and squeeful. I do try and respond to any specific queries or critique/problems raised with the fic. Thank you :)