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Prague, Czech Republic


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My policy on comments:
Don't like, it goes into delete pile immediately. You have the right NOT to like my stories but I will not tolerate profanities, cursing, harsh criticism and offensive comments that are trying to insult me or my stories or other writers or comments that have nothing to do with my stories and are trying to offend me, especially using profanities and dirty language.

My updating policy:
As for my updating policy, it depends on my schedule, my other plans, personal life or current ideas and inspiration for my stories, since writing a fanfiction is more my hobby and leisure, rather than a job but I try to update each story at least once per week, with at least one chapter per week with each story. If possible, I update all stories currently in progress at once at least one time each week. If I leave a story not updated for a while and there is a significant gap between the last and current update of my stories (if I leave a story NOT updated for more than a week), it's either because I'm busy with work, my own private life, looking for inspiration for writing or I'm focused on other stories currently or I simply need a break but that does not mean I have stopped writing the one I have left neglected, so, please be patient.