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they/them pronouns


* So basically, I enjoy writing fics that aren't heteronomative, cis-normative, and/or neurotypical.


* Also I write my Peter Parker as autistic always, but I forget to tag that.


 * If I haven't responded to your comment yet, it's because of my anxiety. I appreciate and love that you commented, I swear! I just get really stressed out about interacting with people. But hopefully I'll reply eventually! I'm slowly making my way through and replying to old comments.


* I tend to do each story with varying interpretations of a character. For example, not all of my Peter's are the same, not all of my Foggy's are the same. If there's any linking stories, I'll tend to make them a series or include it in the author's note.


* Any spinoffs, remixes, prequels/sequels, artwork, podcasts, or any other type of fanwork that is inspired by my stories are more than welcome. Just let me know about it! I'd love to see it! <3


* Check out my playmoss if you like playlists: biromantic-nerd
(I haven't corresponded a playlist to a story YET but I might!) I have a tumblr under that same name, the -, not the _