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I hate that I have to say this at all and I particularly hate to put it at the top of my AO3 profile, but evidently it actually has to be this highly visible to get attention - I do not condone the reposting of fanworks, whether fic or art, without permission and I kindly ask that people not repost any of my work (or any of the art attached to it) without talking to me (or the artists) first. This includes private blogs as well as public forums like Goodreads.

Anyway, I suck at these things so here's the important info: most of what you're going to find here is porn of the dude-on-dude variety.

I am the actual world's worst at responding to comments but I do read and appreciate them all and if you have a specific question or something like that I will do my best to conquer my crippling social awkwardness and we can have a chat.

If you'd like to translate any of my work or make podfic/art/vids/etc based on it I'm completely honored and ask only that you let me know if you post it so I can bask in the awesome.

Annnnnd... that's it! *kisses*