Damnant quod non intellegunt

My pseuds:
Batsutousai, Katmon
I joined on:
I live in:
under a rock, on an island, in the middle of an ocean


I've been writing fanfiction since late 2001. I started out writing Digimon, then wrote Yu-Gi-Oh! for a few years under the pen name of Katmon – most have been lost, but I have posted a few up here as a sort of reminder of how much better I've become. After a year break, I got into the Harry Potter fandom & have been writing in it since late '04. I've since branched out to other fandoms, though I often seem to return to HP.

For the most part I write fics with homosexual pairings – also known as yaoi or slash.
I currently post my fanfiction on Dreamwidth (DW), and LiveJournal (LJ). I also still have an account at Fanfiction.Net (FFN), but I no longer post there, as of June 2017.
I have a writing tumblr, a personal tumblr, and a twitter, where I'm willing and happy to entertain.

For translations and/or podfics: I have nothing against either; please have at and thank you for your hard work!
I have a list on both LJ & DW of translations. (I usually leave it up to translators to discuss if there's an overlapping translation, since it's presumably easier than going through me.) Please let me know when/where you post it so I can add it to those lists.
For podfics, I'm afraid I don't have a separated out list, since most link through AO3. (I don't listen to them myself, but I see no reason to deny them for the sake of those who do.)