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    This series takes place in a slightly alternative universe, where Cora and Jackson didn't leave and Erica and Boyd are still alive. That Nogitsune nonsense never happend and no one knows Kira (kick-ass though she may turn out to be).


    "Derek Hates Bunnies" takes place in 2013, Stiles is 18, Derek is 23.

    "Dressed to the Nines" takes place in 2015, Stiles is 20, Derek is 25

    "The True Poet of Beacon Hills" takes place in 2016, Stiles is 21, Derek is 26.

    "Much Ado About Twilight" also takes place in 2016, Stiles is 21, Derek is 26.

    "#SurpriseKnot" takes place in 2018, Stiles is 23, Derek is 28.

    "Stiles and Derek Make a Baby" takes place between 2021 and 2022, Stiles is 27 at the end, Derek is 32.

    "Stiles and Derek Have a Baby" takes place between 2022 and 2023, Stiles is 28 and Derek is 33.

    "Something Borrowed, Something Blue ... And Two Pink Lines" takes place 2026/2027, Stiles is 31 and Derek is 36

    "The Rule of Three" takes place 2027/2030, Stiles is 34 and Derek 39

    "Five Times ..." takes place in 2030/31 Stiles is 35, Derek 40

    "It Takes a Village" takes place in 2032/34, Stiles is 39, Derek 44


    30 Mar 2017