Pronounced /æz.'deɪ.mɑ/ with IPA, or in more general terms, /az-DAY-ma/

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Azdaema, Azdaema Codes, Azdaema Draws, Azdaema Pods
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If you need me, email me at

Blanket permission

I give blanket permission for anyone to do translations, podfic, remixes, or any other type of transformative variation on any of my works. As long as you give me credit for the parts that were mine (ie. no plagiarizing), we're good. It's fanfic; it's the result of me taking someone else's stories and then running with them. It seems hypocritical to not let other people do the same with mine.

If you can, I'd really appreciate you letting me know ("Hi, I did a thing.") but I don't absolutely demand it.