The Queen of Tragedy

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I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Tragedy and am currently writing an original series of Novellas called Tales of the Dark Prince. Here's a quick summary:

This is the end of the fairy tale . . . and beyond. How far has the world descended into darkness when its champion is a mass-murdering necrophiliac? Dark Prince Drake is the good guy. When he finally succumbs to his disturbing sexual desires he unexpectedly releases a princess of another realm from her curse of perpetual death. And when Princess Snow awakens to a stranger’s deranged caress and forgives the violation immediately one must wonder just how damaged she really is. Two broken souls break the cycle of torment and find healing and acceptance in themselves and each other as the tale of Snow White is spun out and expanded from the moment True Love’s Kiss is shared atop a crystalline coffin deep within the woods.

However I'm still writing fan fic. My favorite fandoms to write for are Gotham, SVU, & Stranger Things at the moment. But just so you know, I’ve been dealing with a bit of a health crisis in RL, so my production of new fic can be sporadic (you may have already noticed).

Warning: Many of my fics are dark (especially my Tales of the Dark Prince series) and can explore emotionally rough subjects. My focus when writing is often romantic tragedy – I live and die by romantic tragedy as a media consumer - but I have been known to write some non-con fics as well. I know these can be triggering so I warn for it.

Note: I'm also a vidder so if you'd like to check out my YouTube channel, it can be found under Avenue Potter. You'll find many videos from shows similar to those I write for here. But fair warning - I am The Queen of Tragedy so most of my videos are intended to elicit a strong emotional reaction (sadness), just like my fan fic.