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  1. Summary

    This is a collection of AvatarMN's role play as the Djaqen, with various partners. These stories first appeared on Tumblr, and are presented here for archival; collected and polished.

    AvatarMN's Tumblr account is AvatarMN, and he roleplays the Djaqen (and blogs tentacle art) at the Djaqen's own Tumblr.

    Djaq is an alternate universe version of Rise of the Guardians' Jack Frost who is a Lovecraftian Old Ones god (the white sheep of the family). He was known as the Kraken, and brings consentacles and healing cock to the needy. Read about him in stories written solo by his creator in the Djaqen's own series here on AO3, and see what he looks like at Tumblr.

    Information about guest stars and their characters can be found in notes to the individual stories which they collaborated on, and any other writings outside of their partnership with AvatarMN and the Djaqen on their own dashboards.