No really, I AM a productive member of society, I swear!

My pseuds:
ArwenLune, Primarybufferpanel
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I bounce around from fandom to fandom, desperately trying to write down my ideas before my attention span fades.

Come talk to me on tumblr! I'm Primarybufferpanel

I'm a huge podfic enthusiast - If anybody wants to podfic my stories, I would be delighted! If you just want to get recording and let me know when you post, that's fine, but you're welcome to get in touch if you have questions or just want to chat. As long as I hear about it so I can squee at supersonic frequencies. Either leave a comment on the story (I see those often) or you can reach me at arwenlune [at]


YOU MAY NOT copy my work and reproduce/host it elsewhere whether attributed to my name or not.