The Chick With a Crap Ton of OC's

My pseuds:
I joined on:
I live in:
Somewhere on planet earth


I am a self trained artist, but I love fanfiction all the same.~
I am Bisexual trash.
I honestly don't care what kind of pronouns you guys use.
I love:
Steven Universe
Legend of Zelda (the including Toon link especially)
The Walking Dead (TellTale games)
BBC Sherlock
Doctor Who
Dramatic Anime with a really good plot like FMA(Brotherhood) or Cowboy Bebop.
irl, I'm a very quite person, like I don't talk to anyone. unless you know me really well and vice-versa, Then I'm gonna be loud, smart mouth, kind, maybe crack a joke kind f person. I care for people who are close to me's well being. I don't like seeing any of my friends upset. I tend to judge people for an instance, and try to get a read on them (Kinda like Sherlock in a sense.) If I don't like a certain person then I'm just gonna ignore them.
I'm great at impressions, plus i like singing. (especially Steven Universe Songs.~)
I don't take crap from nobody, just sayin.