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May 3rd, 2017. If my illos vanish, let me know-I'll try to reupload them to a different photohost. It's hard to find a stable platform I can afford.

My policy on podfic, translations, etc. is for (unregistered/no signing up/no needing to give credit card information, etc.) FANDOM usage, with links back to the original work. IT IS NOT FREE PERMISSION for any site to store my works or create PDFs or any other form of copying my works without FIRST obtaining permission directly from me. Even if the site holding my works does not charge a fee, if you cannot CLICK on the WORK and see a link back to the original, and read it immediately without having to go to another site, I WILL REFUSE PERMISSION.

FAN Podfic policy for my fic: I'm fine with it, so long as you credit me as the author, under whatever pseudonym I used on the fic. Link to my story by using the related works option at AO3, or by commenting on my story with a link if the podfic isn't on AO3.

Also, FANS may translate any of my fic into other languages. All I require is that you keep my pen-name as the author, and link back to my original story, so people can find it from the translation. If possible, I'd like you to post the translation on AO3 and click "This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work". If you post it on another site, please put a comment on my original fic with a URL where the translation can be found, so I can add a link in a note.

Here's a link to a list of word usage problems I've encountered in fanfic recently. I wish I could beta-read for folks, but I barely have time to write my own fic.This is just a list defining word pairs that get mistakenly used for each other. A real beta would cover formatting, grammar, canon, internal logic, etc. etc. I hope at least some folks find this list useful.