a happy pea listening to a podfic

I am a pod person

My pseuds:
Annapods, Annaswrite
I joined on:
My user ID is:


Annapods is for audio works, Annaswrite is for words. Everything here is complete and utter fiction, I'm not making any money out of it, blahblah disclaimer. I can be pretty slow to reply on ao3 and tumblr, if you'd like a fast answer your best bets are probably twitter, emails or discord.

About me: French, podficcer, full of love. Talk meta to me. She/they, 20s, as I'm writing this mostly sports RPF (it's all locked baby) but pretty multifannish.

Find me: twitter, podfic tumblr (main is annabelle-myrtille), dreamwidth,
You can contact me through any of those, for any (or no) reason.

Other info:
Further transformative works? Short version: yes, long version: here.
Here's my (slightly outdated) Dear Author letter detailing what I’d like to do to your fic.
I love stickers and so should you (stickers for specific challenges/events/etc also available).
My latest Dear Podder letter is probably that one.

Love, Anna