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I am *not* good with tags. I have upset people very much on this site in the past by using “misleading” tags that I honestly thought were sufficient.

If you have serious triggers, or serious squicks, please, please, please do not read my fics.

I write dark stuff, including suicide, grief, drug use, infidelity, terminal illness, religious/spiritual crises, domestic assault, sexual assault, break-ups, and occasionally ambiguous and even outright unhappy endings. All of this is triggering.

My characters often act inappropriately. Even the ones I like will often do things that I *know* are counterproductive, illogical, unsympathetic and sometimes OOC when they are under pressure. They sometimes get things very wrong. I often put them through hell, and then don’t even give them a happy ending. My pairings - even my OTPs - don’t always end up happily ever after.

If any of that bothers you, please do not read my fics.

I welcome constructive criticism. If you feel that something doesn’t make sense; if you feel that a character is acting OOC for no good reason; if you feel that the pacing is off - I really, truly welcome your input. I will be less receptive if you start with, “This is hands-down one of the worst stories I've had the displeasure to read!” (yes, that's a quote) because I’m a human being and human beings don’t generally react well to attacks, especially from perfect strangers who are attacking me for giving them something for free. I’ll still try to find something constructive in it.

Otherwise, if your objection has to do with tags or warnings? It will fall on deaf ears. I have given up on that and substituted this note instead.

This does not apply to people who began reading Even When I Had Nothing before this warning went up. I am truly sorry for any anger or pain I caused. I did not do so intentionally.