Amy Fortuna

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amyfortuna, asongofstaying, elance, Elelome
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I've been writing fanfiction, mostly slash, since 1999. I started off in the Star Wars: TPM fandom and have written stories for many, many fandoms, among them Lord of the Rings, Highlander, Harry Potter, and Moulin Rouge. I'm a multishipper rather than an OTPer, and while I've mostly written slash, I've also penned a fair bit of het, gen, and femslash along the way. Mainly into Silmarillion and Sutcliff fandoms these days, with occasional forays into MCU or other things as the mood takes me.

In RL, I'm a bisexual American living in Edinburgh. I would love to meet up with other fans, so please contact me if you're local!

I am totally happy for anyone to create any kinds of fanworks based on my works, including sequels/prequels, art, translations, podfic, remixes, and stories set in the same universes. You do not need to ask specific permission, all I ask is that you please let me know (ideally in the comments of the fic) and always link back to my work.

Please do not repost my stories elsewhere without my permission.

My livejournal is starbrow and on dreamwidth I'm amyfortuna. You can find me on tumblr at edgeoflight or contact me by email at amyfortuna at gmail.