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    Following their encounter on Takodana, Kylo Ren and Rey's fates tangle when Kylo inadvertently awakens Rey’s potential and a Force beyond their control bonds them to one another indefinitely. The wartime fallout of Starkiller Base soon pushes the linked adversaries together in dire circumstances wherein Kylo pursues his plan to train Rey in the ways of the dark side and Rey grapples with choosing the correct path for her power. However, they quickly realize neither task is simple as they struggle to maintain their identities while staving off their compulsory need for one another.

    Secrets unfold, willpower falters, and emotions evolve as both the First Order and the Resistance intervene, but the fallout of Kylo and Rey’s bond may prove to have devastating consequences neither side could have ever foreseen.


    13 Sep 2016

    Bookmarker's Notes

    Follows story line. Canon divergence is smooth and believable. Very sexy and thought provoking. Author is spot on with character personalities. I cannot express how incredible this fiction is. If you want to read a true canon feeling of a TFA continuation, this is the best I have found. Characters personalities and POVs are spot on and it just feels so real to the SW universe. Author keeps in mind that Ben has been immersed in Kylo Ren for far too long for just Rey's love to bring him back into himself overnight. There would be a real battle and some pretty big emotional instability, not to mention having to eventually battle Snoke and to change an ideology that he has lived with as Kylo Ren for so long. It would be an uphill battle for Rey and this story has that realism. The settings, the in- depth descriptions of every little detail is absolutely amazing. Love it on every re-read and cannot wait for future updates! I tend to be pretty picky about stories claiming to be TFA continuations that have a hard time keeping a true canon type feeling with character's POV and personalities, but so far this has been the first and only one I have read where this is finally not a story ruiner. My favorite TFA continuation fiction.