The voices in my head might not be real ... but they come up with incredibly good ideas

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Amancham, Amancham-DE, Amancham-EN, Dúriel, Knight of the pen, Mel, SarcasmIsMyMiddleName
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Born from Imagination, living in my head


I'm currently 28 years old and I'm German. I tend to write in German but every now and then some english story kreeps in my head - not that they are any good, mind you. I use different Pseuds but there's method to my madness.
By now 30 years old vanished of the face of the Fanfiction-Earth almost 2 years ago, due to massive private problems I will not put online. Haven't written since, don't know if I will ever write again. However. Fics that had been finished back then will still get posted / finished put up here. Other than that ... not making any promises.

My first Pseud and my first stories. All Lord of the Rings from many years ago. Somewhat 2001-2005 I believe.

All my newer, German stuff. Mainly slash, mainly Angel, Leverage and the like and mainly 2006-present

All english stuff I've written. some pre 2009 more likely 2009-present. I don't have a beta for those so youre reading at your own risk.

Knight of the pen
Name I used on one page or the other. Here I'll use it for all old stuff that is not Lord of the rings (Ned Kelly, Sin Eater, Pirates of the Caribbean and so on). They are mainly 1998-2005, I believe.

Random stuff that doesn't apply to any of the other usernames