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I write things that sometimes are quiet and nothing happens, and sometimes are overly loud and too many things happen.

I also have a tumblr! It is a catch-all of every passing interest I have under the sun. Sometimes I answer prompts.

ALSO, now that tumblr may be imploding, I'm getting a little more active on dreamwidth. Feel free to follow me there. Less memery, probably a bit more yelling about work-related shenaniganery and random interests.

I give blanket permission for anyone to do translations, podfic, or remixes/off-shoots/whatever of my work. Just drop me a line to let me know that it's happening, so I can check it out!

However, I do not want my own work to be re-posted to non-fandom venues, such as GoodReads, and do not give permission for such distribution. If you have any questions regarding this, I'm happy to clarify over email: alchemicalalice [at] gmail [dot] com.