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Midwest, USA


I do medieval lit and scholarly publishing things in real life, but mostly I procrastinate. Apparently writing fic is also a thing I do now.

My Tumblr will probably be going dark as the NSFW policy is rolled out. You can find me on Dreamwidth as Adrianners (see especially my YoI rewatch notes and my WIP Yuri on Ice guidebook translations). I have a fandom Twitter (@AdriannersWrite) that I may or may not use, and you can DM me on Discord at adrianners#2645.

I grant blanket permission for non-profit transformative use of my fic, such as podfic, remixes or sequels, illustrations, and translations. Any transformative works must credit and link back to the original, and please do drop me a comment so I can see your work! I prefer that any transformative works be posted to AO3 for archival purposes, but posting elsewhere is fine too as long as the credit and linkback are prominent.

Icon: Bodleian Library MS Don. a. 11 fol. 11v, initial A with Judith and Holofernes