Aceterpretations: A podcast about asexuality, fandom, and where they intersect

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WELCOME from all of us hosts here at Aceterpretations: Quartic, KK, and luvtheheaven.

Here is the OFFICIAL Aceterpretations Podcast AO3 account. If you look through the works you will find one corresponding to each episode that will include links to our recs for that episode. We are so glad that you stopped by!

Host Bios:

Quarticmoose, known as Quartic, is a 28-year-old aromantic asexual who is likely agender as well, but is too ambivalent about their gender to bother figuring what their identity actually is. They fell into fandom via wikiwalk from tvtropes, and they’ve no regrets. Fandoms include: Danny Phantom, Merlin, The Flash; as well as a bunch of acronyms including AtLA, RotG, FMA, AnE, and MCU. Voracious reader of fanfic, enthusiastic writer, sporadic vidder; they’ve recently been doing more fanart. Currently obsessed with Trollhunters.

KK is a 27 year old female, and bisexual/demisexual. She has been a nerd all her life (raised on Star Trek, Star Wars, and many fantasy novels). Some of her fandoms include: Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Yuri!!! On Ice (currently controlling her life), BNHA, The Sword of Truth Series, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Haikyuu, Voltron, Free!, Steven Universe, and Queer Eye (yes she counts it). Those are just the popular ones. Feel free to ask about obscure ones, and she's always looking for new ones.

luvtheheaven is a 30-year-old gray-aromantic, gray-panromantic, sex-averse asexual. She’s known she was ace since age 23, and entered fandom when she was 16, starting with reading Harry Potter meta summer of 2006 and then editing ER & Gilmore Girls fanvideos that fall! She eventually got into fanfiction and podfic too, and countless more fandoms. On WordPress she blogs at From Fandom to Family. She hopes to find a queerplatonic partner who shares her dream to co-parent adopted children one day.

Please feel free to let us know what you think :)