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(You've lost your way if you're NOT into fictional spanking scenes... please stray elsewhere for your cup of tea! Otherwise, thank you for checking out my profile! ♥)

Hello, I'm Ruth! Consider me a fan of lots of shows/movies, plus a spankophile! That's quite obvious... Combine that with my hobby of drawing and you should expect some kinky art from me now and again. I also am aiming to write sometimes. Well I've decided to delve into more online communities that share my interests so that I can post stuff for the like-minded to enjoy! And chat with them! I never was too active about this obsession of mine so starting anew here. Will also be on livejournal, and maybe

I particularly enjoy fan creations that involve adult spankings - usually M/M and on disciplinary terms, but I stray to other situations as well! As long as it's a man learning a good lesson! ;) My fandoms: Lucifer, James Bond (00Q), White Collar, X-Files, Marvel (Stucky mainly), SPN, Outlander... and it grows! Busy on my end right now, but I'd like to open for requests or commissions some time later!

(I don't condone non-consensual corporal punishment in real life!)