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Hello, I'm Ruth! Consider me a fan of lots of shows/movies, plus a spankophile! Combine that with my hobby of drawing and you should expect some kinky art from me now and again. Well I've decided to delve into more online communities that share my interests so that I can share my art for the like-minded to enjoy! And chat with them! I never was too active about this stuff so starting anew here. Will also be on livejournal, and maybe I love reading spanking fics and hope to get to know writers and other artists.

I particularly enjoy fan creations that involve adult spankings - usually M/M and on disciplinary terms, but I stray to other situations as well! As long as it's a man learning a good lesson, lol. ;) My fandoms: Lucifer, James Bond (00Q), White Collar, X-Files, Marvel (Stucky), SPN, Outlander... and it grows! <3 Busy on my end right now, but I'd like to open for requests or commissions some time later!