painting of Naman and Sageeth from the Kawatche Caves with text 'BFF' in the heart-shaped space between their necks

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    A Clexmas (Secret Santa) 2015 gift for Nicnac918. Originally posted here

    Title: My Heart Has Wings (And I Can Fly)

    From: five_pm

    For: nicnac918

    Type: vid and art

    Rating: G

    Warnings: none

    Summary: When Lex said that friendship is a fairy tale he probably didn’t mean anything along these lines, but… (J'onn is Clark’s Martian Godfather.)

    Request: “Any musical.” + “new beginnings” + “Humor”.

    Gifter Notes: Disney`s 1950 Cinderella is a “musical” film and this has to do with “new beginnings” and is somewhat “Humor”ous...