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I. Am. A. Nerd. A sex-positive, affirming, genderqueer/nonbinary (pronouns: they/them), pansexual nerd, but a nerd none-the-less. I ship the following: Sherlock (Johnlock). Star Trek (TOS/AOS/TNG/Enterprise) (Spirk). Supernatural (Wincest, Sam/Dean, I know, I can't help myself). Firefly (Inara/Mal). Buffy (Spike/Buffy; Willow/Tara). Avengers (Stucky).

My obsessions run deep and are varied. I used to write a lot of SPN slash on Sinful Desires and the Sam/Dean Archive. Now I'm working on a novel with my very own characters.

I also write an original erotica series under my pen name Anne Stagg. If you haven't visited there, and it's site curated by women, for women with videos, erotic fiction, and a Collective section that covers everything from how to decode abnormal pap smear results to the politics of cunnilingus in hetero-relationships.

I don't do much in the fan fiction arena in terms of writing anymore. I have one unfinished Winchester epic that I promise I will finish someday.

I still read a boatload of fan fiction. though. I am grateful to all the amazing writers out there who spend their time and talent furthering the exploration of the characters and universes that I have come to love. My hope is that my stories have done the same for others.

Live long and ship much slashy, angsty, porny goodness. It makes people happy.

You can find my erotic fiction alter-ego at annestaggwrites.com and on Twitter and Instagram at @annestaggwrites, and AnneStaggWrites on Reddit.