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    Taking In Trouble by Henrietta Wotton

    Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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    18 Jan 2017


    18 Jan 2017

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    Taking In Trouble
    "Uh . . . this isn’t what it looks like, Garak." Bashir stammered. The Cardassian’s understandable expression of surprise had not turned into amusement at Bashir’s plight, as the doctor had expected. His features were tight with anger, more naked anger than Bashir had ever seen him display. He hurriedly poured out further explanation, "Or rather it is what it looks like but... you see Kadz’s sister there has azmeri fever and when I brought her here for treatment, Kadz got the wrong idea and... oh, for heaven’s sake, Kadz, put your clothes back on."

    Letting In Love
    "You’re unhappy, are you, that I didn’t return your declaration of affection?"
    "No, it’s all right, Elim. I know you’re not the type to wear your heart on your sleeve."
    "What a gruesome expression!" Garak said with a teasing air. "But surely you’re aware how often I’ve told you I love you."

    "I'm sorry the party fell apart on us Elim," Julian commiserated, returning the kiss. "It was a wonderful idea, and I love you for planning it." Then he pressed his communicator and beamed up to the runabout.