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    So just last week I had to attend my grandfather's funeral, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and shortly there after his former attorney showed up at my door to inform me that in his will he left me his old house, a place that no one has been to in so many years (to be honest I had forgotten about it). The only explanation that came with the ancient-looking key was that Papa wished me to finally know those secrets everyone kept from me, and maybe I could do something at last. Thing is, this house is deep in the woods, and I remember thinking about how light almost never seemed to touch it, not even porch lights shone far enough to fully illuminate the yards, and it honestly scares me. I don't think I can go by myself. Will you help me?


    This will be a sort of interactive adventure, if you wish to contribute, drop a comment about what you think the next chapter should be about and if it gets the most likes or if I just really like it, I'll give you full credit for the chapter and shout you out. Feel free to suggest characters (message me with a description of said characters) this is technically your story after all. All comments will be deleted before a new chapter is uploaded.